Russell Williams

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With regards to psychology there are many different theories and perspectives of the human mind however, I will be focusing on Sigmund Freud’s theory of human behavior. Freud believed that “human behaviour is driven by desires and the suppression of the same desires”. Concerning the case of Col. Russell Williams, he was a paraphilic; he stole lingerie and then took photographs of the women he sexually assaulted. According to Freud’s theory of human behavior, Williams did not possess the ability to control his desires. He started off as a “voyeur”, but somehow transformed into a perverted sex offender with a dark fixation for violence. Sigmund Freud compared the mind to an iceberg. Everything we are aware of is just the tip,
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Marie-France Comeau. The act he committed was more than just murder; it expressed his inner desired for violent sexual control over women.” Underneath Russell Williams’ exterior of success and loyalty lay a dark appetite for power, control and superiority over women that eventually obliterated the lives of Marie-France Comeau and Jessica Lloyd.” said Ian MacLeod from the Ottawa Citizen. From the perspective of a feminist, Williams’ actions urge for greater awareness and advocacy to stop the sexualized violence as well as the degradation of women across Canada and the world. “It is too easy to dismiss Williams’ acts as those of a deranged man and to perceive no need further response. If anything, the Williams case must call us all to greater awareness and advocacy to end all sexualized violence and degradation of women.” said Alice Schuda.
There are various factors that may have occurred throughout Williams’s life that could thoroughly account for his sexually deviant behaviour. The feeling of male dominance such as his father or a military superior could have led Russell to express his infuriation and dominance on the opposite sex. Consequently, his inadmissible behaviour initiates friction between genders; this represents a feminist theory of female maltreatment. During childhood, Russell Williams may have come across neglect from a female care-giver, which may have had an influence on his bizarre and sexually violent
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