Russi An Extraordinary Outburst Of Social And Cultural Change

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Russia has been around for a long time and has evolved over the years. Their ability to adapt to their environment as a country and, essentially, become a powerhouse in the world, is a great feat in itself. Over time Russia developed their social climate, economic system, military power and efficiency, as well as infrastructure. Today, I will be discussing how their military, political views, economics, social views, infrastructure and physical environment all relate together and has enhanced Russia’s ability to stay a powerhouse. Russia has been around since 800 b.c. and has seen the rise and fall of many bad leaders as well as the rise and fall of many different good political leaders (“A brief history of Russia”, 2005). Since the Soviet era, Russia has had an extraordinary outburst of social and cultural change (“A brief history of Russia”, 2005). Russia developed radical styles of constructivism, futurism, and supremacism during this time. In 1924, there was a struggle for power in the Communism party after Lenin’s death (“A brief history of Russia”, 2005). During the latter half of the decade, a victor emerged and that was Stalin. He immediately dictated the way agricultural lands were collectivized, creating large, state-run farms. Industrial development was pushed along at breakneck speed, and production was almost entirely diverted from consumer products to capital equipment. Stalin repressed religion, closing churches, destroying them and converting…
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