Russi The United States And Russia

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An explosion in Russia has people asking if it was a meteor or on the ground November fourteenth two thousand and fourteen. Evidence shows it most likely originated on the ground. Meanwhile Russias president Vladimir Putin says he is ready to work with his American counterpart president Barack Obama on things like the economy and sanctions against Russian companies. The new United States ambassador John Tefft to Russia met with and offered his credentials as the Russian president says America and Europe want to bring Russia under their control as Putin says is impossible.

The ceremony that brought John Tefft and Vladimir Putin together with new international envoys with intentions of fixing ties which either men said much of anything and shook hands at the Kremlin in Russia. Russia offers they are ready for new communication in concern to respect of each others interest of affairs. Russia believes they are alongside the American government in terms of global threats with the new envoy whom was previously the representative of Ukraine and Georgia for the United States. The United States and Russian connection is at its worst with Russia’s annexing of Crimea when the US and Europe placed sanctions on banks and important Russian assets.

The previous United States ambassador of Russia resigned after years of negative media and has Putin saying America is not trying to humiliate Russia but goes on to say America wants Russia to fix American problems on Russian funds along with…
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