Russi The United States And Russia

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An explosion in Russia has people asking if it was a meteor or on the ground November fourteenth two thousand and fourteen. Evidence shows it most likely originated on the ground. Meanwhile Russias president Vladimir Putin says he is ready to work with his American counterpart president Barack Obama on things like the economy and sanctions against Russian companies. The new United States ambassador John Tefft to Russia met with and offered his credentials as the Russian president says America and Europe want to bring Russia under their control as Putin says is impossible. The ceremony that brought John Tefft and Vladimir Putin together with new international envoys with intentions of fixing ties which either men said much of anything and…show more content…
Putin believes nobody will ever take Russia away from its own beliefs or ideas. Vladimir Putin thinks America needs to stay out of Russian and Ukrainian business relations Putin is asking Ukraine to agree it will not join the NATO alliance who he wants to believe is breaking the worlds power structure. NATO and Russian military exercises have erupted in Europe since January when Russia started forcing Ukraine to follow its role in world affairs. The United States, Europe and NATO have stated Russia is protecting rebels many among terrorist organizations who hold all types of Russian weaponry specifically the Russian made Kalashnikov or AK-forty sevens. Ninety five percent of Islamic terrorists in the middle east use the AK forty seven. German and American officials have stated Russia is interfering in Ukraine’s affairs. Russian officials say Ukraine stopping payment to rebels could turn into a mess. Ukraine has held payment of two point six billion dollars to economic regions held by terrorist rebels Russian Sergey Lavrov says Kiev may be looking to use military force in the areas of Ukraine supposedly held by rebels. All sorts of Russian military equipment is moving around the rebel strongholds with imminent danger moving forward has the Ukrainian President moving soldiers into parts of Donetsk, Ukraine to slow down the killings. The supplies for clean running water have been demolished. Russian president Vladimir
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