Russia, A Powerful And Diverse Culture

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Russia (Russian Federation), a powerful and varied nation set in Eurasia. Spanning over seven-teen million square kilometers, Russia is nearly twice the size of the United States (CIA, 2016). Over one-hundred and forty-two million people call this nation their home (CIA, 2016). Considered a modern super power, Russia’s influence over Eurasia has fundamentally shaped the course of the region and surrounding nations. A proud country with a difficult history, Russia like most, is a product of the success and failures of its past. Much of what defines the Russian culture stems from the previous world wars. Although the impacts of these events do not solely define the Russian culture, the impacts they made are undeniable. Despite the…show more content…
Originally a totalitarian state, Russia’s social heritage where instituted in the near complete control of its people and organizations. From this control arose the Communist Party of Soviet Union in the early 1920s (Glenn E. Curtis, 1996). Incorporated in this party where the wealthy, powerful, and influential. Advancement in the Soviet society where largely determined by the parties’ ideology. Those who followed these ideologies substantially increased their chances to flourish within the social structure. Those who did not follow the CPSU found it difficult at best to endure with any success. This created an exceedingly fragmented and fundamentally broken societal construct. Post-Soviet era government has endured a challenging transition to create a civil society that incorporates the people and institutions back into its structure. Modern Russia is far more founded in the communal social structure than Western cultures. These ideologies gave birth to communal agriculture, industry, and economy. Although the entrepreneurial spirit has a fixed and thriving place within the modern social structure, much of the people’s progression is controlled by the voted party in power.
Economic Structure
The Russian economy is largely founded on the repercussions of the former political and social parties that held power for so many years. Russia’s economy has been one of centralized focus and production for decades. From investment, production, and consumption, the
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