Russia And The Ukrainian War

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The Ukrainian war started in early 2014 when Russian the parliament signed a bill to annex the Crimean Peninsula. The war has continued with times of peace and violence dispersed sporadically throughout the past two years. On one side are the Ukrainian forces, and on the other are the pro-Russian separatists, who are backed by Russia. Putin, and the Russian parliament, are not only going against requests by the United Nations to stop their support of the rebellion, but also are using their own troops in the war. Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine war proves itself to go against both global morality and law. In order for the war to come to an end the Ukrainian government and its people need to cut ties and public denounce the unjust actions committed by the president and the parliament in Russia. Russia held majority of land before there was the cold war and the split of the USSR. They had many countries under their control, but the countries were considered to be Russia and not separate. Ukraine was part of the Russian empire for over three hundred years and in 1991 it became a separate country during the fall of the Soviet Union. Many Russian citizens and pro-Russian Ukrainians believe that the country should still be under Russian control though there are still those who oppose it and believe the countries should be separate. The two countries have still been heavily intertwined. After the split of the USSR there were some heavy arguments over who owned what things.
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