Russia And The World Trade Organization

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Russia postponement in joining WTO

In 2012, Russia formally became a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The negotiations on Russia’s accession to the WTO took more than eighteen years to be finished up. It was the longest accession process in the historical backdrop of GATT/WTO. This paper deals with the reasons for the long duration of the accession process, focusing on the period 1993-2008. It also focuses on Russia and the World Trade Organization, Russia’s domestic politics and its implications for WTO accession and argues that the reasons behind the long accession process lie in the Russian domestic politics.
Russia and the World Trade Organization
Russia firstly
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To participate in the WTO was seen as a way to integrate Russia into the West, besides the logic continuation of the economic and political reforms.
Later, even Putin recognized a critical part for WTO. He said that, WTO is a tool. The individuals who know how to utilize it get to be stronger. The individuals who can 't or would prefer not to utilize it, the individuals who want to sit behind protectionist portions and duties are damned. The nation was still avoided from the methodology of framing the principles of world trade. The country has not yet been permitted to tune in framing the guidelines in world trade. It caused the Russian economy to stop and its aggressiveness to drop. Enrollment in the WTO ought to turn to secure Russia 's national premiums on world business sector. Also, it ought to get to be an effective outer jolt to illuminate the undertakings which the nation has to comprehend to such an extent (The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 2006).
Membership in WTO was seen as important, in that it helped Russia to lock in reforms still needed and would also bring economic benefits to the country’s economy. There many are the reasons for membership in the WTO. Participation in the WTO grants the member the most-favored-nation status and the protection against unfair trade practices, besides access to new markets. Other reasons include the
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