Compare And Contrast The Intelligence Capacities Of Russia And The United States During The Cold War

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Intelligence capacities of Russia and United States during the cold war Institution Name Date Intelligence capacities of Russia and United States during the cold war Introduction The cold war has become one of the major historic events to remember in the history of many superpower countries among them, Russia and the United States of America. After the end of World War II, the cold war emerged as a state of geopolitical tension between the two powers in the Eastern bloc and the Western bloc. The Eastern bloc comprised of the Soviet Union which was formally known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and unofficially referred as Russia. The Western bloc comprised of the United States, North Atlantic Treaty Organization…show more content…
Following this, the United States in Washington needed all this information to be able to measure the Soviet nuclear strike. Most of the information on nuclear weapons in Russia, Moscow was of high importance to the US as it could help them in the evaluation of the Soviet Union know how to design the weapons which could be used for air-defense and anti-missile missiles. Because of this advancement in nuclear weapons and their use during the cold war, Russia emerged as a better country in terms of intelligence capabilities (Kuperman,…show more content…
Because of the countermeasures of deception and denial between these countries, the USSR's nuclear program seemed to a difficult target for the US. The absence of reliable intelligence posed a great challenge for the West to understand the vital growth within the Soviet nuclear complex and as a result, significant intelligence breaches emerged between the two nations. Throughout the Cold War, the United States together with its associates employed atomic energy intelligence effort to counter the Soviet Union of Russia. However, Russia was more advanced in all their operations as the intelligence system in its communities was at a high glance. All these intelligences led to the ending of the Cold
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