Russia Vs China

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Russia and China are both struggling to become fully post-communist countries, they are struggling to modernize and adopt a successful democratic system. Russia and China are each faced with tremendous obstacles that are unique to their political, economic, and historical climate. Liberalism both in economic and political aspects are so closely linked and can determine the successfulness of implementing a democratic society.It would appear that Russia has created a shortage or liberalism this, in turn, has created a deficit of democracy and is one of the larger obstacles Russia is trying to overcome in order to become a fully Democratic Society. While in China is still being ruled and regulated under a complete political dictatorship they have…show more content…
China has taken a more gradual approach to a post-communist society. While on the other hand Russia’s approach could be described as a more radical and swift approach to the modernization of Russia. Both nations have chosen to drastically change their economies and adopt a post-communist free market-oriented one, in an effort to promote and boost their standard of living in these countries. Gradualism is a natural approach to most changes and being that gradualism is the route that China has taken it appears to be booming and is becoming more and more successful. While on the other hand, Russian “reform” did not really come about until roughly 1992, by this time the Russia was already deemed a dark and desolate society. These new reforms seemed like radical and unobtainable reforms that were to happen swiftly. Unfortunately, like most things in a media driven society like America, it was over severely over dramatized. The reform came rather slowly because Russian could not sustain the economic reform with the then current climate.It has been said that the transition from a communist economy into a post-communist era was thought to be done by Russian officials very half-heartedly.Beginning in 1996 when privatization took place Russia went through many economic and political changes such as private ownership, half-privatization, public control, Soviet-era management. For one reason or another Russia could never seem to adopt the post-communist society and the free market concept. Instead of creating the post-communist reform post-soviet leaders created a “racket” economy with allowed for a regulatory bureaucracy. Despite all the attempted change, it appeared that Russia would revert back to a communist
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