Russian Duty Free Industry

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Association of Duty Free and Travel Retail
BORT Russia

Moscow, 2011

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1. 2. Executive summary Russian Duty Free Market overview 2.1. Current market size 2.2. Key drivers for market growth 2.3. SWOT analysis “BORT” Overview 3.1. At a glance 3.2. Our goals and objective 3.3. Our structure “BORT” Russia partners (State bodies, National Russian and International organizations)



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“BORT” Membership benefits “BORT” working program for the year 2011-2012 “BORT” membership fees

Executive Summary
Strong economic growth fuelled by High Oil Prices and modernisation of the economy Rapid development of airport terminal industry reinforced by Global events in Russia within the period
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BORT overview
At a glance…
• Association of the Duty Free Trading and Travel Retail – “BORT Russia” is a NGO - union of legal entities, carries out its activity on the basis of non-profit principles providing assistance to its members who are the players of national Duty Free and Travel Retail market for achievement of their goals and overall promotion of the industry on the national and international levels. “BORT Russia” unites representatives of State authorities, Duty Free and Travel Retail shop operators, suppliers and distributors, other nonprofit organizations and stakeholders whose interests lay in this sphere. “BORT Russia” is a single entity on the territory of Russian Federation with a role to unite interests of state authorities and business community for the purpose of development of the most favorable environment within the country for Duty Free and Travel Retail sector efficient promotion and growth/ BORT Russia has been founded in 2011.

BORT overview
Goals and objectives
• • • Assistance to representative of legislative and executive bodies of the Russian Federation within the development of appropriate economic and social policy, legal framework. Consolidation of key market players interests and establishment of direct and mutually beneficial dialogue between State and the Industry; Build awareness of the Duty Free and Travel
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