Russian Mafia

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One of the most famous types of organized crime in the past and present is the "Russian Mafia". This article entails the rational choice theory model with how it justifies being able to join the Russian Mafia and the business that they conduct. A rational theorist would argue that we as people are rational human beings who carefully calculated the consequences of our behaviour. We make choices based on the cost benefit analysis. The concept of the cost benefit analysis is that when we have to make a choice, that choice is weighted between the cost and benefit of the decision that is made. In dealing with the Russian Mafia, making the decision of being involved in a criminal activity would pivot if the benefit of the crime was greater…show more content…
During the period in which capitalism started to take place, middle class business owners turned to the Russian Mafia for private protection. Making a connection between the citizens of Russia and the Russian Mafia is difficult. We must make a connection between the social contract of the people of Russia and the Russian Mafia. We must also figure out why the citizens turn to the Russian Mafia for protection. There was a period in Russia when private property was ubiquitous in the modern days, so there was a large demand of trust and protection, which in fact wasn't being provided by the state. The state was not providing the citizens with enough protection and the crime rates in Russia showed proof of that. In 1989, the crime rate increased by 32 %, and the total report crimes rose by 70.5 % from 1989-1992. The citizens of Russia began to grow fearful of something happening to their property. This is where the Russian Mafia comes in for the citizens of Russia. Therefore, the demand for the protection of the Russian Mafia rose, especially from business owners. As business would continue to grow and expand, the state, specifically, the law enforcement agencies were unable to provide protection and security, which would lead to the creation of the Mafia organizations. Beccaria believed that the role of law should be prescribing specific punishment for specific crimes. The foundation for

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