Russian Politics Final Questions On The Soviet Revolution

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Scott Talentino
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Russian Politics
Russian Politics Final-Questions 1 &3
Question 1-What were the most important causes of the fall of the Tsarist regime and its replacement by a “Socialist” system?

Throughout various episodes in history, multiple variables contribute to the rise and collapse of different regimes. During the later stages of the Romanov dynasty in Russia, the Tsarist regime teetered towards collapse and eventually faced its demise due to a plethora of factors. The lack of efficient leadership, continued brutality towards the populace, war, famine, and the banishment of political figures, along with the “tinkering” with the old political system instead of larger measures towards reform, and the influence of radical thinkers, Marxists in particular, all contributed to the collapse of the Tsarist regime and rise of the Socialist state.

One sees the initial seeds of opposition against the Tsarist regime with the rise of the Decembrists. In 1825 a group of revolutionary noble army officers and freemasons opposed the rise of Tsar Nikolai I to power, wishing for more liberal reforms, including a constitution, an abolishment of the monarchy and the eradication of serfdom. In the end, the revolt was crushed by the Imperial forces and 121 leaders were arrested, 5 of whom were put to death. Many participants in the revolt were exiled to Siberia. This pattern illustrates the continual process of repression in Russia and its political

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