Russian Relations Between Russia And Russia Essay

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Background History The onset of the tension between Russia and its neighboring country Ukraine could date back to the 1920’s, when Ukraine became a part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. It was not until July 16, 1990, that Ukraine had declared sovereignty (Ukraine Fast Facts). While Ukraine had been with the USSR, they had developed historical and traditional cultural ties with Russia that are still concurrent today. Ukraine and Russia are very similar in many ways, but one of the major differences between them is not only their language, but the fact that Ukraine wants to become more like Western Europe and Russia wants to stick to old traditional values. When Ukraine had affirmed a desire to have closer ties with the European Union, Vladimir Putin proposed to buy $15 billion of Ukraine 's debt and reduce the price of natural gas supplied to the country in order to maintain that sphere of influence (Ukraine Fast Facts). Ukraine’s economic condition was not stable and making this agreement with Moscow would put Ukraine back on its feet. But in the end, Ukraine ended up signing the association agreement to draw ties with the European Union so that it can modernize with Western Europe and keep the country from being influenced by Russian policy. Problem Recently, Ukraine and Russia have had conflicting ideologies that have led to Russia illegally annexing Crimea. The rebels, also known as separatists, are fighting the Ukrainian troops along Eastern Ukraine border
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