Russian Revolution And The Soviet Revolution

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For over three hundred years, Russia had been controlled by an autocratic government known as the tsarist regime. This empire was ruled by a series of tsars who had absolute dictatorship over the country. (BBC, 2014). From around the time of Peter the Great 's reign, the empire began to impose its will on the people with absolute disregard for their lives and liberty. This incorporation of force caused repression and unrest amongst the people and the Russian Revolution was essentially an outburst from this. (Columbia Encyclopedia, n.d). The Russian Revolution consisted of two separate strikes in 1917, the first of which overthrew the imperial government and the second strike which placed the Bolshevik party in power. The Russian Revolution evidently brought a drastic transformation to the government, society and economy of Russia. The communist party who took power over Russia did evidently improve the economy and reshape the military forces which proved vital for Russia in WW2. (Quizlet, 2015). Overall, the Russian Revolution was beneficial to the country 's development. Today, in modern history we credit Vladimir Lenin for the Revolution 's succession. However, many people forget to acknowledge the role played by Leon Trotsky who stood by Lenin 's side throughout the Revolution. I believe that Leon Trotsky and his actions during the Russian Revolution were essential to the security of the revolution and therefore his overall impact and status is heroic.

Leon Trotsky
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