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Conflicts in a country occur everywhere in the world. Russia and Chechnya's conflict is one example.There were many reasons and factors that led this conflict to grow into a war. Both Russia and Chechnya had different goals and interests that they tried to achieve. This led them to oppose one another and see eachother as enemies. The following is a full analysis of the conflict, which explains the background factors, which contributed to it.

The Chechnya- Russia conflict, can be more understood by looking to the past. The historical background is needed to display the whole picture of the war. The area in the southern Russia was called the Caucasus region. Many non-Russian ethnic groups lived there. It all began when the czars started
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As a result, Russia started a new savage war with Chechnya.It ended with the Chechens gaining victory and independence, and the Russian government gaining victory for keeping Chechnya as a part of the Russian Federation.In 1995, Chechen rebels attacked the southern part of Russia. They took control of several places, and fought Russian troops, causing Russia to make new military actions. In 1996, President Yeltsin terminated all military actions and offered talks with rebels. A truce was agreed in May 1996.Till now, Chechnya's situation is still a matter of dispute.

After the last war, in 1994-96,Chechnya was devastated and eventually turned into a chaotic uncontrollable place. Its economy declined rapidly, and poverty in the nation increased. Crimes occurred everywhere, and hostage -taking became a famous business for some criminal gangs. Within this overall framework of decay, there have been three main factors that led to the present conflict between Russia and Chechnya.

First, in May 1999,an oil pipeline between Azerbaijan and Georgia on the shores of the Black Sea was re-opened with the aid of the West.This occurred in November when Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Georgia signed an agreement to build another pipeline. This pipeline connected Azerbaijan and the Turkish Mediterranean port of Ceyhan, and which completely crossed over Russian territory. Russia took this as a political insult. It was afraid of losing its' influence in the Caucasus. This made Russia more

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