Russia's Involvement In The Cold War

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The cold war was official over in the 1990 with the collapse of the Soviet Union and in the years to come the United States even provide economic relief in terms of lifting sanctions and monies. The question becomes why did we aid and enemy to whom was in economic ruin and unable to sustain himself. the bottom line was the Russia’s still had nuclear weapons, a lot of them. Nobody wanted Russia selling them on the open market or becoming under the control of a rouge military unit. The U.S. and the world aided Russia in its rebuilding. Carl von Clausewitz states in chapter one of On War that the aim of war is to disarm the enemy. We did not disarm them. We signed treaty to limited the weapons and disarm some thus relieving some tensions, they retained possession of all their weapons and weapons technologies. Don’t forget what else Clausewitz stated:
“The result in war is never absolute.”
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The conquered state often sees in it only a passing evil, which may be repaired in after times by means of political combinations. How much this also must modify the degree of tension and the vigour of the efforts made is evident in itself.”

I believe Russia cooperation in the 1990 and in the next two decades was just that. A necessary evil that they must maintain in order to rebuild and gain strength. I truly believe the cold war is not over.
John Mearsheimer could not see the future. He was looking backwards at a past that was technologically very different than today. The wars of tomorrow will be found on a very different front were nuclear weapons may be thwarted by cyberwarfare. This is the new
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