Rust Inhibitors In The Connecticut

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Did you realize that living in Connecticut could cause you to come to a violent end? It's true, and for a reason you may never expect. One would think road salt would help them during the winter to reduce slippery conditions, but it also has a very horrid opposite effect.

The Connecticut D.O.T. needs to start putting rust inhibitors back into the road salt. The state uses magnesium chloride to de-ice the roads, which is especially corrosive. Rust inhibitors work by reducing corrosion by consuming some of the oxygen that that is necessary to cause rust. Some officials claim that if it gets into streams, it could lower oxygen levels, killing some fish or other aquatic animal.

The rust inhibitors were taken out of road salt in CT in 2007 when wastewater treatment workers reported low oxygen levels outside the plant. Nobody knows that rust inhibitors had anything to do with it. State officials are too quick, in my opinion, to jump to conclusions. The cars in this state, one of them possibly owned by you, will most likely experience rust in its near future, if it has not already.
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The next victim could be your car! I feel a rust inhibitor should be added before the situation worsens! Cars are not the only victims,
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