Rutgers University Application Essay

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All in all, Rutgers University is a name that does not need any introductions. Soaring high as one of the greatest high learning institutions not just in the United States, but also the World, I am sure I have made the right choice in picking Rutgers University over other institutions in the United States.
Why do I choose Rutgers University over other high learning institutions in the United States? Through extensive web researches, I come to know that Rutgers has a long, meritorious history since 1766. It is the eighth-oldest college in the USA which is now the flagship of New Jersey’s public higher education and is a leading research institution among American universities. I have no doubt about its legacy of producing outstanding graduates and notable
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So, I will never be bored, with all the various campus activities and over 400 student organizations. The fact that I am an ardent archer, I am very sure that there are many targets I can aim and shoot at Rutgers University. In short, Rutgers students are very engaged students who can take advantage of the university’s rich resources to pursue their interests. I can have fun joining campus with broad choices of clubs and organizations. I can even volunteer for community service which I believe will provide me vast experiences and fun time to meet someone new every day.
In short, if successfully accepted to Rutgers University, I will see myself as one of the gifted students in the world, with rare and illimitable opportunities to be part of this prestigious institution, with world class education, colossal cultural diversities, and a common yearning to do better in the world. Rutgers University is indeed preparing their students for the real world. These are the ultimate reasons why I have confidence in Rutgers University. No doubt, it is the best among the best in my pursuit of becoming a world class
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