Ruth Stone's Curtains

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In my class, I have read several pieces of literature: from poems to short stories and plays. Reflecting on the variety of works being read, I use a specific type of glasses and hat. I am pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Administration of Justice, so it is essential to be more than one critic. In law enforcement, our work revolves around an investigation. I view each piece of literature as a crime scene. In every crime, a suspect and a victim are involved and clues are left behind. Each crime scene is different and so is literature. To discover and examine the literature, I use formalism, historical, psychoanalytic, and reader-response criticism. The teacher assigns the student a poem to be read. The student will prepare him or herself before…show more content…
In comparison with literature, a psychoanalytic critic views the theme in reflection of the needs, emotion, and desires of an author. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a psychological, motivational theory compress like a pyramid with five levels of needs. According to level three and four, humans are hard-wired to belongings, love, and esteem needs. Stone shared an intimate relationship with her husband. Traditionally, a husband provides security, safety, warmth, and sex. Level one and two were satisfied by her husband has passed. Stone must secure her three children in a safe house with food, water, and shelter—a man’s job. Her bed feels bigger and colder without her husband. The needs of warmth are unfulfilled. The fact of her husband committing suicide, her esteem needs are vexed. Her goal, as a woman, was to make her husband happy. Did her husband not enjoy her cooking: like her borscht? Was bed time pleasurable? Did affection and love fade or trust and acceptance not exist? These questions will continue to gallop in her head. Psychoanalytic criticism helps me with the key to any investigation: asking questions. But for now, Stone lives with the feeling as a worthless
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