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A day in the life of Ruvim Tsyganyuk

Ruvim Tsyganyuk, 25, is a bank manager at Chase bank and youngest senior bank manager in the U.S. He lives with his wife Viktoria and two kids Noah and Kane in Seattle Washington.

My alarm rings at 5:30, I snooze it and drift back to sleep. My dog Maxie starts barking at me impatiently for breakfast. I slowly get up and get ready for work. I take a shower, brush my teeth and get dressed. I wake my wife _____ up to get Noah ready for school, and Kane ready for daycare. I usually take Noah to School, and ______takes Kane but if I am late she takes both.
I usually get to work at about 7 and get ready for the day. Mark the assistant manager comes in a little later and also gets ready. At about 8 the rest of the tellers come and get their booths ready with money. We open doors at about 9 but before that I have to make sure everyone is ready and has everything that they need. The workflow is a little slow in the mornings but progresses throughout the day. New members come to me and I set accounts for them and decide with loans and answer phone calls and emails.
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In elementary school I really liked math so much that all I had straight A’s in math and nothing else. After that my mom told me that I should work on my other classes not only math, but I knew I couldn’t because math was my passion. Throughout middle school I kept my streak, and in 8th grade I took Leadership so that my speaking skills could improve. From then on I knew what I wanted to do therefore I started taking leadership classes so that I could get experience on being a leader. In 9th grade we started learning about economics and how the world works. So we went to Chase bank so that we could see how loans, deposits and withdrawals work. While we were there, my joy was overwhelming. I was thinking of how great it would be to be the manager and run the whole
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