Rwand The Rwandan Genocide

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The Rwandan genocide was the killing of 800,000 people in just 100 days. The Rwandan genocide took place in 1994. During this time Rwanda was a small country with a mostly agricultural economy. Although it is small it had one of the largest populations. In 1994 Rwanda was made up of three different ethnic groups. The Hutu made of 85% of the Rwandan population. The Tutsi’s made of 14% of the population and was the minority. The Twa was a small Pygmy group that made up 1% of the population ( The Rwandan genocide was a horrific and terrorizing event that changed the country forever because 800,000 people were murdered, people were ordered to murder others just because of their ethnic group, and other countries didn…show more content…
Shortly after that, Belgium gave Rwanda their independence ( The Rwandan genocide didn’t just start right after that. There was a spark that marked the beginning of the Rwandan genocide. On April 6, 1994, a plan that had President Habyarimana and the president of Burundi Cyprien Ntaryamira was shot down. It has still not been concluded who shot the plane down. The Hutu’s blamed the Rwandan Patriotic Force (RPF) and the Tutsi’s blamed the Hutu’s. Soon after this, the Presidential Guard, the Rwandan armed forces, and Hutu militia groups started to slaughter all Tutsi’s. They set up roadblocks all across Rwanda so that nobody could flee or try to escape ( Before any political leaders could take any action, the Hutu’s killed them. Tutsi women were raped and taken to be used as sex slaves (humanrightscouncil). The slaughter and killing from Kigali soon spread all across Rwanda. In just three months 800,000 people were killed. 3/4 Tutsi’s were murdered during the Rwandan genocide. People were killed in churches, homes, schools, and many other place (“A Good Man in Hell”). During this time, government radios and officials were telling civilians to kill. They were told to kill anyone who was Tutsi or anyone who supported the Tutsi’s. The RPF kept fighting back and by early July the RPF had claimed and got control over most of Rwanda. Then over two million Hutu’s fled the
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