Rwanda Case Study

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In December 2015, the president accepted an offer from People’s Republic of China (PRC) of military training assistance intended to support troops engaged in peace keeping operations (PKO) and counterterrorism efforts in Africa. Given that Rwanda ranks fifth in the world among United Nations PKO troop contributing countries, and also engaged in counterterrorism efforts in the world, Rwanda will inevitably benefit from this Chinese assistance package. Therefore, on 22 November 2017, the National Defence Council will meet to review strategies to engage the PRC on training assistance and military to military relations. The council will also assess the China’s assistance and identify areas China could support Rwanda Defence Force (RDF). Key…show more content…
Another important factor is that terrorist acts, violent extremism, and radicalism are active in the region and pose a serious threat. These two endeavors PKO and counterterrorism require a lot of resources and commitment. So Rwanda maintains a commitment to the world’s peace and security by contributing peacekeepers to both United Nations (UN) and African union (AU), and to combat terrorism in the region. However, to maintain contribution of troops in terms of quantity and quality in PKO and combating terrorism require significant financial resources that Rwanda does not have. It is this background, the president accepted the Chinese assistance package to support PKO commitment and counterterrorism efforts in the region and in the world. However, the assistance offer should not compromise our national interests: sovereignty, peace and security, as well as national unity and dignity, values and freedoms, and Rwanda relationship with the United States of America and European Union countries. Second, the China’s assistance should adhere to Rwanda’s Aid Policy principles stated in Rwanda Aid Policy 2006 document, which are alignment with national priorities, enhance country ownership, allow for mutual accountability.

Option 1: Rwanda accepts China’s military assistance with tied aid conditions without any considerations on national interests. Rwanda’s objective is to get assistance to
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