Rwanda Genocide Compared to Blood Done Sign My Name

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From April to July of 1994 terror struck Rwanda as Hutu members of the nation brutally maimed, raped, and killed around 800,000 Tutsi members, along with partial Hutu members. Leading up to the genocide, there was tension between both ethnicities. Over the decades, people of the Hutu ethnicity took power of the country, in fact, Major General Juvenal Habyarimana, a moderate Hutu, took office for over ten years ( Staff, 2009). Correspondingly, in years leading up to the Rwanda genocide, in another country called America, the ethnic group of Africa Americans was being harshly discriminated against. In the 1900s, slavery was no longer legal in the states; however, a few decades before the Rwanda genocide, Oxford, North Carolina…show more content…
They then began to beat and kick him continuously. Marrow was still alive, but barely. He died later at the hospital. After the murder of Marrow, people were outraged. They were mad that the Teel family had not been arrested and people were going to make sure they said something about it. African Americans, and some whites took to the streets, they burned buildings and vandalized possessions. Nobody said anything to them; the mayor watched as they destroyed the town, they just let them go. African Americans were outraged. The only reason the Teel’s hadn’t gone to jail was because they weren’t black. At this point, nobody was scared to fight back and express their opinions. Even smaller children were doing what they saw the older blacks doing. For example, when Tim and Jeff were walking home one day from school, Jeff thought it’d be fun to throw something some black kids standing across the street. After throwing it, the black children retaliated. They threw objects back, and then chased Tim and Jeff most of the way home. Rwanda genocide victims tried to take refuge in places that they thought were places that they could go for safety. Places like schools, hospitals and churches. Hutu followed them, where they were then just as brutally murdered as any other Tutsi member. Nobody was safe. Hutu who didn’t believe in the genocide were also brutally murdered, the idea was to have a race of just Hutu (Rosenberg, 2014). One of the most gruesome events that happened

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