Rwandan Genocide : Behind The Media 's Eyes

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Rwandan Genocide: Behind the Media’s Eyes Could the Rwandan Genocide have been prevented? Absolutely. If Rwanda hadn’t been under Belgian rule, and if western countries would have sent troops in to help, the genocide could 've been avoided. There was no light shed on the genocide by the western media. The media twisted and contorted the reality of the genocide. While Western media claimed that Tutsis were victims of genocide, they failed to identify the true victim of the genocide. Hutus and Tutsis were able to live peacefully until they were under Belgian Control. In 1916 Belgium colonized in Africa. They considered the Tutsis a majority, because they resembled the Europeans more closely (Shah, 2006). They began replacing Hutu chiefs with Tutsi leaders, and eventually put the Tutsis in control of the country. In 1926 Belgian leaders issued identification cards, they required everyone to carry them and identified whether a person was Hutu or Tutsi. Tutsi remained in power for the next twenty years. (Green, 2015) The Tutsi began to get sick of Belgium interfering, and wanted to be independent from them. The Belgians put the “minority” Hutu in power in 1959. Hutus began killing Tutsis. This caused the Tutsi to flee the country into Uganda and Burundi. Rwanda received its independence from Belgium in 1961-62. In 1959 Hutus started uprisings and riots, want power over Rwanda and killed 20,000 Tutsi in 1963-73. A man named Paul Kagame, who is now the leader of Rwanda,
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