Rwandan Genocide

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Africa has been an interesting location of conflicts. From the conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea to the revolutionary conflict in Libya and Egypt, one of the greatest conflicts is the Rwandan Genocide. The Rwandan Genocide included two tribes in Rwanda: Tutsis and Hutus. Upon revenge, the Hutus massacred many Tutsis and other Hutus that supported the Tutsis. This gruesome war lasted for a 100 days. Up to this date, there have been many devastating effects on Rwanda and the global community. In addition, many people have not had many acknowledgements for the genocide but from this genocide many lessons have been learned around the world. To find the cause of the Rwandan genocide, many people had tried to follow the path of history…show more content…
In Hotel Rwanda, a reporter came to see what was happening in Rwanda, but he knew that people would not care about this conflict just like the U.N. Countries around Rwanda were also greatly affected by the conflict, because many Tutsis fled to the surrounding countries. This caused additional minor urban sprawls in countries such as Uganda and Tanzania. In the past, for news to travel from one country to another, many people had to see what the media was covering. Since the U.N. did not care on the topic of the conflict, many people didn’t know what was going on in Rwanda. Even if information was let out on the Rwandan conflict, when spread the information would get butchered, such as a piece of information that is used in the game of “Telephone”. So in order to be more aware, nations should make more organizations that promote the spread of information throughout the world like the media. Nations should make allies surrounding them so if a nation is in trouble allies can send help from foreign powers such as United States or England; if surrounding countries such as Uganda were strong allies then Rwanda would not have to suffer as much as it is suffering today which would give more awareness to a crisis on the other side of the world. In addition to the Rwandan Genocide, other similar conflicts have also occurred in parts of

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