Ryan Air an E-Commerce Organization

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Table of Contents {text:bookmark-start} Definning e-commerce {text:bookmark-end} There are nearly as many definitions of e-commerce as there are contributions to the literature. (Damanpour, 2001) defines e-commerce as “any net business activity that transforms internal and external relationships to create value and exploit market opportunities driven by new rules of connected economy”. E-commerce is a “disruptive” innovation that is radically changing the way organizations do business (Macgregor and Vrazalic, 2007). In other words a organization who do majority of their sales via internet, electronic procurement and electronic payment. As in the given case of RYANAIR AIRLINES. {text:bookmark-start} Ryanair Airlines in brief…show more content…
In Transactional Leadership, “Managers take an initiative in offering some form of need satisfaction in return for something value by the employees”. On the other hand Transformational Leadership is the “Process of engaging the commitments of employees in context of the shared value and shared vision”. Thus from the above statements we can analyze that Ryanair has a characteristic of Transformational Leadership as they are courageous and believe in people. They are visionaries and can cope with complexity and ambiguity. There are four types of Leadership styles and they are(1) Autocratic leadership where a “ Leader takes the decision and announces them, expecting subordinates to carry them without question”. (2) The Democratic where a “ Leader would characteristically lay by the problem before his or her subordinate and invite discussion”.(3) The Consultative where a “ Leader confers with the group members before taking decision and, in fact, considers their advice and their feelings when framing decisions”. (4) The Persuasive where a “Leader at this point on the scale also takes all the decision for the group without discussion or consultation but believes that people will be better motivated if they are persuaded that the decision are good ones”. From the above four types of Leadership we can analyze that Ryanair has been performing the Persuasive Leadership because it’s the management decision to be a lowest fare airline with some innovative ideas in cost cutting

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