Ryan Lochte 's Gas Station Scandal

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Case Analysis: Lochtegate
Ryan Lochte’s gas station scandal in Brazil during Olympics
Alycia Ikegami The Olympics is a worldwide event when countries all over the world come together and celebrate culture, sportsmanship and athleticism. It is an opportunity for people to come together, whether at the venue or at home, it is a celebration full of excitement. During this time, swimmer Ryan Lochte, along with three other swimmers, were involved in an incident at a local gas station in Rio de Janeiro. It was reported on Sunday Aug 14, 2016, US Olympian Ryan Lochte and three other swimmers claimed they were robbed at gunpoint. The swimmers had stopped at the gas station to use the bathroom when the incident occurred. Lochte was the first of the group to speak publicly on the incident. When the story first came out, Lochte had told NBC News’ Billy Bush that a gun was pointed at his head. This was only the beginning of the public relations crisis case. Three days later, Lochte, returned to the United States and continued to stick to his story while being interviewed by the Today Show’s Matt Lauer. In the mean time, two of the swimmers were pulled off a plane. The passports of the other swimmers were being held while they were being questioned, not being able to leave the country. Four days after the initial incident, Rio police announced that Lochte had lied about what had happened at the gas station. The real story behind this incident is that the men had…
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