Ryan Mccready: Demographic Design And Ideas

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For most of people, it is difficult to read extensively in a short time. However, the purpose of infographic design is to convert variety of massive and complicated statistic into data visualization, which could make people clearly and swiftly comprehend the main ideas of a text. Nevertheless, to devise an infographic is considerably difficult because the designer has to turn a complex subject into a digestible and enchanting experience. Therefore, there are three things I faced when I designed the infographic.

First of all, I find it hard for readers to understand the icons I used. Because when the first time I made my infographic, I used circle to represent this method is feasible and the symbol X shows that thing will not happen by taking this way. Nevertheless, readers were confused because they are not sure about the true meaning of icons. Ryan Mccready, a famous journalist, once said, “This may sound like a little thing that really does not matter for infographics but it does! Especially when someone is looking at your information and they notice poor design choices, it puts the whole integrity of the infographic in jeopardy.” To sum up, when using icons, you had better deliberate whether these patterns may make people misunderstand or not.
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Because when I design my infographic, I have to summarize massive data, which could help improve logical thinking ability. In addition, when I want to visualize the data, I would utilize compact words to illustrate the content. Therefore, it is an awesome way to sharpen my writing skill because it could help me get rid of writing redundant sentences when I write an essay. Josh Smith, a designer, pointed out that good infographic can highlight the fact and avoid wasting time. Therefore, I learn how to grasp the key points of the whole article and advance my writing ability by making an
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