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Ryan Ruggiero Mr. Bradley ENC1102 March 7, 2017 An Immodest Proposal “Prostitution is one of the worlds oldest professions” (Kipling 1) and still has quiet a relevance in today’s society. However, unlike this primitive profession, a not-so-old debate is whether or not the United States should legalize prostitution. Prostitution is seen from many different viewpoints and although there is clear evidence of the damage that it puts on society, along with tarnishing the morals of Americans. Concerning America and its people, prostitution should not be legalized in any way. The emotional after effects of prostitution can stay with someone for life. Prostitution can ruin anything from a small relationship to a lifetime marriage. Like any…show more content…
Along with this temptation, cheating in a relationship will become much more popular and more reoccurring. However, prostitution does not only negatively affect the client, the prostitute endures negative side effects as well. Rape and abuse are very reoccurring side effects in the industry and are just as traumatizing at they would be to any women. Prostitutes have been known to have similar traits to a soldier coming back from combat (“prostitution statistics and rape”). To cope with the trauma and lifestyle, prostitutes tend to be involved in alcohol and drug abuse, using heavy substances on a daily basis. Evidence from (“Prostitution is a victimless crime?”) states, “62% of prostitutes have reported that they have been raped in the industry.” Furthermore, the article also showed a recent study that concluded that a vast amount of industry prostitutes suffered from PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder, a sickness that is also seen in war veterans and victims of all sorts of abuse. Also, (“ Prostitution is a victimless crime states? ”) States that In the industry 92 percent of prostitutes would like to leave business immediately. The prostitution industry also makes our cities less safe by attracting crime and other misconducts on the streets. Since prostitutes are weak and defenseless, killing and raping is nothing new in the industry. Typically, areas that promote prostitution also promote other illegal crimes, like the distribution of heavy drugs like

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