Ryanair Airlines And The Ryanair Airline

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After researching and went through many articles which were published on the Ryanair Airline in Europe. To me, the online resources are more utilized as book resources which can be dated back to 20th century or more. The article 's which I read gives different facts and the information on marketing strategies which were used by the Ryanair Airline. Many of the contents are related to the work which I learned from this course on Airlines, and Airline Management and Marketing. The Ryanair Airline is known for its ' low airfare and consistent profitability and rapid growth. I think, the main goal for the Ryanair Airline is to provide low airfares for their customers and give high level of service, most of Ryanair passengers get excellent…show more content…
On the other hand CEO Michael O 'Leary, thinks that if their customers to wants have goods such as a pack of peanut 's, tea, food or etc.. they can pay because most of their flights are not that long. The way CEO is saying that its not a good customer 's service which airlines provide. But, Ryanair Airlines are still the cheaper airlines through European countries, and that 's why there are are many customers who are flying with them. There are no airlines which can beat their lowest airfare rates all over the world. The Marketing concepts which are used by the Ryanair Airlines. Ryanair used Marketing mix which comprises with the 4 P 's which I learned from the book, and the 4 P 's which stands for: Price, Promotion, Place, and Product. The 4 P 's which are provided by the Ryanair Airlines are: Price (Low Airfares), Promotion (Cheap), Place (European Market), and Product (Flights service). The Airline also, gives an overview of what kinds of prices and product are to expect from the Ryanair airlines. “Our policy of exclusively operating the 737-800 is part of our strategy to bring you the cheapest flights on all of our routes, and in fact, our sole use of the 737-800 is not just good for fares, but also for safety”. (Ryanair Website).
As I read the article "Ryanair unveils TV advert - will it convince you to fly with the
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