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Leading in a Complex World

Strategy Report

Strategic Recommendations (one page)

Ryanair has been one of the Britain’s best low cost airlines for around 25 years since being established in 1985 by the Ryan family. Ryanair have always aimed to show their customers their statistics and monthly reports;
“Ryanair believe that any worthwhile passenger service commitment must involve a commitment on both pricing and punctuality, that 's why Ryanair is committed to publishing Customer Service Statistics each month and these confirm that Ryanair is No. 1 for Customer Service with unbeatable prices and punctuality. [ (Ryanair, About us, 2010) ]
Although according to the figures Ryanair is the “World’s favourite” low cost airline, in the
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Ground support, catering and luggage equipment is constant and consistent. | Environmentally Friendly: | Modern fuel efficient aircraft and high seat occupancy, resulting in the lowest emissions per passenger mile ratios compared to other carriers. “Ryanair has minimised and continues to reduce fuel burn and CO2 emissions per passenger kilometre. This has been achieved through the combination of: numerous fuel saving measures (including the use of the latest aircraft and engine technology, e.g., winglets); and commercial measures aimed at maximising passenger numbers per flight in order to spread the fuel use and CO2 emissions over the greatest number of passengers (efficient seat configuration and high load factors).” (Ryanair, Europes Greenest Airline, 2006) |

Weaknesses | Weakness | Evidence / argument | Bad Press: | As a company Ryanair has had its fair share of bad press in the past few years. It has received bad press in many instances. Ryanair are regularly criticised for all the hidden extra charges, such as £5 online check in fee per flight and a £5 per flight credit card fee. This can result in a £20 addition per person to advertised price for a return journey. Ryanair also receive a lot of bad press due to their chief executive, Michael O’Leary because he comes across as rather arrogant in press interviews and television documentaries. “Mr O 'Leary has never

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