Essay on Ryanair Ltd. Is Europe's First and Largest Low-Fares Airline

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Ryanair Ltd. is an Irish airline company Being founded in 1985 by an Irish businessman, Tony Ryan, Ryanair today is Europe’s first and largest low fares airline (Thomson and Bade-Fuller, 2010). Since 1991 with Michael O’Leary taking a position of CEO of the company, Ryanair in 2008 had served about 50.9 million passengers in around over 25 European countries with a total number of 163 Boeing 737-800 planes.

Ryanair currently has a big team of more than 9,000 highly skilled professionals, with a total of 81.5 million carried over passengers in the year 2013. Furthermore Ryanair has an outstanding 29-year safety record, which makes it one of the safest Airlineson the market.
Product Range

Ryanair’s flights are point to point only, in
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This makes the competition in this market segment fierce as in order to offer the lowest fares, costs must also be kept to a minimum.

Despite the presence of other low cost airlines in Europe, Ryan air continues to maintain its leadership of the lowest cost airline in Europe. The advantage of this company is its ability to drive down the cost as lowest fares at the same time are profitable.

Research Rationale

This research is very important, because TUI Travel wants to sign a contract with Ryanair on using there services. Therefore this research will show whether it is possible to use Ryan air’s flights without damaging its reputation, or its more convenient to use there own charter flights.

Another reason is that this research will help Ryanair improve its costumer services by looking at all the pros and cones of the company, and taking them into consideration.
Aims and objectives of the research


- To evaluate the effectiveness of customer service policies at Ryanair


- To identify the number of costumers who are ether satisfied or not . satisfied with the service

- To understand if the price worth its valuable, when it comes to services that Ryanair provides

- To conduct secondary research on customer feedback about service quality
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