Essay on Ryanair Ltd. Is Europe's First and Largest Low-Fares Airline

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Ryanair Ltd. is an Irish airline company Being founded in 1985 by an Irish businessman, Tony Ryan, Ryanair today is Europe’s first and largest low fares airline (Thomson and Bade-Fuller, 2010). Since 1991 with Michael O’Leary taking a position of CEO of the company, Ryanair in 2008 had served about 50.9 million passengers in around over 25 European countries with a total number of 163 Boeing 737-800 planes.

Ryanair currently has a big team of more than 9,000 highly skilled professionals, with a total of 81.5 million carried over passengers in the year 2013. Furthermore Ryanair has an outstanding 29-year safety record, which makes it one of the safest Airlineson the market.
Product Range

Ryanair’s flights are point to point only, in order to reduce costs (fuel charges, airport cost…). On those flights, there is no business class. Moreover, the company chose secondary airports as airport charges are lower than in main airports. The main Ryanair hub is situated in London Stansted. Ryanair services flights to more than 1500 routes from 57 bases, making more then 14000 fligths per day, with the most profitable flights are from London to Dublin. Ryanair also offers ancillary services including non-flight services such as hotels or car rental service, and services on board like online gambling or in-flight mobile phone service.
Customer segments
The efficiency of Ryanair relies mostly on its operations and processes: quick check-in and aircraft turnarounds with minimum of…