Ryanair Plc : A British Airline And Will Provide A Brief Summary About The Company

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Introduction: This essay is about Easyjet Plc which is a British airline and will provide a brief summary about the company. It will make arguments on how Management Accounting information could aid the managers of the business, evaluating how Budgeting, Variance Analysis and Activity Based could be utilized within the company and will provide ways in which the managers could keep in mind to make recommendations and decisions. EasyJet Plc: EasyJet Plc founded in 1995 by a Greek Cypriot businessman Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, leading in Europe and based at London Luton Airport. It operates over 600 routes across more than 30 countries, consists of over 200 Airbus aircraft and employ over 8000 people including 2,000 pilots and over 4500 cabin…show more content…
The company’s ambition is to be Europe’s preferable airline for short distance destinations airline, delivering safety, good value and service to customers. Management Accounting Information in Easyjet: Management Accounting Information is the process of planning, motivating and controlling. Managers in a company such as this, act as to benefit of the business by preparing reports, accounts, performance evaluation and operational control so that they can make day-to-day and short-term decisions. Also, organisation has to be in the company and try to solve problems may have. It could also help the managers of EasyJet, by keeping records of any financial transactions the company has. Therefore, managers of the business provide financial data to control the firm and make decisions. Ratios are used by management accountants to evaluate the process. Efficiency is a ratio where managers can decide whether the company can pay its debts. Another ratio is gearing, that shows the long-term financial position of the business and profitability ratio shows the progress of the business. Furthermore, business managers in the company can measure any progress in the business and can help to make decisions about bases, new routes, costs of flights and any opinion that passengers can have during the flight. Also, managers in EasyJet Plc can control and give instructions for the operation of each
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