Ryanair and Its Activities Within the “European Airline Industry”

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Ryanair and its activities within the “European Airline Industry” A pioneer in European discount air travel, Ryanair Holdings offers low-fare, no-frills air transportation via its main subsidiary, Ryanair. The carrier flies to about 160 destinations, including more than two dozen in Ireland and the UK; overall, it serves more than 25 countries throughout Europe, plus Morocco. Ryanair specializes in short-haul routes between secondary and regional airports. It operates from more than 40 bases, including airports in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Sweden, as well as in Ireland and the UK. The carrier maintains a fleet of about 270 Boeing 737-800s. Ryanair holds a 29% stake in Aer Lingus and has launched several unsuccessful bids…show more content…
5. Financial Management Since many things involved while handling an airline company financial management takes a large part of it. This is also the best way to enlarge and develop the company and the services it offers. Net revenue is the measure of profitability, with all revenues minus all costs divided by the total seats flown. For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2004, ancillary services accounted for 13.9% of Ryanair’s total operating revenues, as compared to 13.1% of such revenues in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2003. The increase reflected higher revenues from non-flight scheduled operations, car rentals, in-flight sales and internet-related services. These increases more than offset the elimination of charter revenue from April 2003, when the Company re-directed its charter capacity to scheduled services. See “—Ancillary Services” and “Item 5. Operating and Financial Review and Prospects—Results of Operations—Fiscal Year 2004 Compared with Fiscal Year 2003—Ancillary Revenues” for additional information. Bowman’s Strategic Clock (source: Müller, 2011, Case Study and Comparative Strategic Analysis of Toyota and Ryanair) Stock Exchange”); Ordinary Shares are also traded on the London Stock Exchange. The Ordinary Shares were

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