Ryanna Bell Biography

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Hannah Ryanne Bell is a freshman at Los Angeles High School. She has two older sisters; one is in college and one is a junior at the same school. She also has three grandmas and two grandpas. “ My father side is very complicated. “ We met when we were in 6th grades, we became friends due to one common hobbies which is the violin, or it’s because we’re both are quirky and weird. We both play the violin. Jaina is very crafty and artistic.
Jaina made shoes entirely out of duct tape only in 7th grade. She enjoys creating new things, paint or color, and practice famous classical pieces on her violin; Dvořák’s Symphony No.5 ( A New World Movement ). Her favorite activities/interests when she was little were to color by numbers. She was also one of those kids ( including myself) who watched Dora’s the Explorer and Spongebob Squarepants.
Jaina was the happiest person in the world when her best friend from 1st grade; Kami, moved back to Alton approximately three weeks ago. Kami and Jaina parted when they were in 1st grade. They were the bestest of friend. During this bygone summer she went to Illinois Summer Youth Music camp located at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The camp lasts a week, every day the members practices their pieces. At the end of the precious one week spent
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This was one of Jain’s main life philosophy. Without friendship or friends you would be all alone either it be at school or workplace. “ Always be friendly “ This is another life philosophy of Jaina’s. I have never seen her being not once unfriendly. She was always smiling and laughing. Jaina was always friendly anytime, anywhere to gives off a better impression of herself. That is true since people you might not have met before will judge you based on your first impression. This life philosophy of hers is my most favorite significance philosophy “ be confident “. Confidence is not easily obtain or lost
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