Ryan's Short Story: The Cold War

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In the year 3000 A.D there is no civilization. Earth has been decimated by a terrible nuclear war and man is extinct. In their last months on earth, humankind built thousands of fallout shelters. In these shelters were cryo stasis tubes that would keep the residents asleep until the day came when earth could be inhabited. There was one flaw in these shelters, they relied on external power. So when approximately 40,780 fission bombs hit North America, the supply was cut off. Some of the shelters remained intact, but many were blown to smithereens. Shelter 299 was lucky though. The conditions for life were right, and the occupants survived, but they would never awak e without power. So when a bolt of lightning struck the shelter, with a one in a billion chance happened, a resident awoke.…show more content…
Ryan by now was about 30 years old and had gone into the vaults when he was a toddler. Because of the age that he was put in the shelter, Ryan knew nothing of the human civilization, and had to make all of the advancements humans did eons ago. As Ryan stepped out of the vault he saw a flower. The flower was a sunflower, one so large in beautiful that any gardener today would snatch it up for their garden. Upon seeing this wonderful phenomenon, the only living thing in the wasteland beside cockroaches, he was filled with what we would call motivation as he set off into the great unknown. After several days of wandering and daily coming back to the vault where there was a large supply of nutritional paste, Ryan was able to create a bow to hunt and defend himself from the mutant creatures all
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