Ryka, Inc.: Lightweight Athletic Shoes for Women

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( Ryka, INC.: Lightweight Athletic Shoes for Women
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Ryka is doing business of athletic shoes for women, which are made on the shape of a woman’s foot, and are designed and developed considering women’s unique fit needs. It is the only athletic footwear company, which is exclusively for women, by women, and now supporting women. Because a woman’s needs in a comfortable, attractive, high performance athletic shoes that are attractive, comfortable, and well suited for exercise and physical fitness programs are different from a man’s. Therefore, it places Ryka shoes among the highest rated in the industry. The athletic footwear industry was divided into various submarkets by end-use specialization. Ryka
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However, it was the Ultra-Lite mid-sole, Ryka’s most significant and successful product advancement, that put Ryka on a par with or perhaps ahead of competitors in terms of product attributes. Ryka was considering a special new series for people with foot problems or back problems because an increasing number of podiatrists and chiropractors were recommending Ryka walking shoes to their patients. Ryka determined that the most effective way to reach the female aerobic niche was by promoting Ryka shoes to aerobics instructors.  Threats: In the already crowded athletic-footwear industry, the various giant competitors such as Nike, Reebok were continually jockeying for a better market position and a competitive edge. It makes the competition even more vigorous and keen for new entrants and others second-tier athletic shoes. For financial problem, potential investors questioned her ability to compete with industry leaders such as Nike and Reebok, given that she had no money and no retail experience. They turned down her requests for loans. (Financial Problem and Market Competition) The $11-billion athletic-footwear industry was highly competitive. Recommendations: I would suggest Ryka designing professional athletic apparel that can fit for any fitness activity. The concepts of apparel merge versatility,

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