Rylund Mahler: A Short Story

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Rylund mahler
Is there any significance why i was named this?
Kinda because my mom said my she saw the name ryland. She didn't want me to get made fun of because she thought kids would go ry land.
Where have i lived before? Where do i live now?
I might have lived in des moines when i was first born. I live in the country now next to my cousin. I'm pretty far out in the country.
Who is in my family?
My mother: Carla my father: Evan my older brother: Zarek (i'm almost taller than him)
What schools have you attended?
I mostly have been in hampton my whole life so yea i have been in hampton a lot and my whole life.
What your favorite color green/blue Your hobbies
Four Wheeler,go karting,games sometimes ,and rc cars and planes
Favorite people
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