Ryoma Marta Sugawara 's New Superintendent

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Ryoma Marta-Sugawara is a freshman at San Ramon Valley High School, and previously attended Rancho Romero Elementary School and Stone Valley Middle School. Due to the loss of his grandmother and aunt he has moved to Walnut Creek and would like to continue in the San Ramon School District. He is asking for assurance to continue his education in the District. Board President Marvel asked Mr. Marta-Sugawara to contact the Superintendent’s office. Board President Marvel introduced the District’s new Superintendent, Rick Schmitt. CSEA 1st Vice President Harvalee Grimm stated that it has been a year of conversation, collaboration and compromise and they look forward to the coming year. She acknowledged and thanked the retirees, especially the 35 classified retirees. SRVEA President Ann Katzburg attended lobby day in Sacramento where the topic was the state budget. Ms. Katzburg stated their emphasis is to keep the money in Prop 98, which is not adequately funded, and to spend the general fund on other things. They spoke with legislators about the fact that professionals are not going into education. There is a proposal for a blended program which will encourage CSU’s to allow prospective teachers to include a teaching program during the bachelors program, with completion in 4 years. Continued funding of CTE classes in community college and adding money to the CSUs to increase openings. They do not want the emergency maintenance funding to come from Prop 39, but from

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