S Ebjectivist Statement In Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged

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In this paper, I argue that Bioshock is a critique of John Galt’s objectivist position as expressed in Atlas Shrugged. Ayn Rand through John Galt argues that a man takes his own responsibility for his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life behind his existence with productive achievement and rational reason. In the videogame Bioshock, it shows the fall of the underwater city of Rapture representing utopia city Atlas in Atlas Shrugged and illustrates the failure of John Galt’s philosophy. While Rand places significance in objective self-interest, Bioshock shows the inquiry what might society look like if everyone only lived for themselves. As we structure a society shaped by rational self-interest, Rand focuses on facts, reason, individuals,…show more content…
Bioshock shows that an individual’s selfishness led to the fall of Rupture and it is impossible for the objectivist utopia to function if objectivist value is fully implemented in society. It shows individual’s realistic bad side of true nature such as greed and how it leads to civil war through power struggle. Rand may argue that exercising free will determines what it is to be conscious of the world, the circumstances in Bioshock such as manipulation of characters by plasmids alters the characters’ free will. By removing free will, John Galt’s utopia cannot…show more content…
There is a class division in the game and it negatively portrays upper class people by showing they exploit and control working class. As a result, when working class gains access to ADAM, they become splicers, which are monsters dependent on ADAM. Bioshock supports Marxist ideology of individuals acting as a social class rather than themselves. The game implies that if the players choose to be egotistical, they turn into Rapture’s new tyrant and if they maintain charitable quality, they become a

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