S. Gm Vs Arts Analysis

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I look to the other side of the room where star charts hang on the wall, a large rock sits on the shelf, and homemade experiments crowd the desk. I turn back around and gaze at my own desk. Books and notebooks fill the shelf and a cup overflows with pens and pencils. Who wants to mix chemicals, lick rocks, stare into a microscope, or sing about the water cycle? I would much rather read. It is the popular controversy of S.T.E.M. versus the arts. Which will win? She scoffs at my poems, but I smirk at her bracelet that shows the periodic table. While she balances chemical equations, I break words into morphemes. I read Whitman discovering the unity of nature while she reads about the insects and geology formations in nature. Thoreau screams in my mind, “Simplify! Simplify!” but the Hippolyta in her strives to create. She calls me lame when I transcribe sentences phonetically and note the parts of speech over each word, but I return the favor when she shows me a new method of solving a math problem. I flip through an anthology while as she flips through Women in Science. We sit in the planetarium and gaze at the…show more content…
or the arts? Why must our lives consist of “either-or” ultimatums? Madison is my roommate and a science major, while I am an English major. Be careful of assumptions though, because I am very logical and straightforward while she is creative and thinks outside the box. Some people would think we would not be compatible because our interests are so different, yet we find ways that our passions overlap and enjoy learning outside our majors. Sarah Dessen wrote, “Life is an awful, ugly place to not have a best friend.” I say it would also be boring if my friends only liked what I liked. My life is fantastic because I have a wonderful friend and roommate. We have identical Myers Briggs personality types so it’s like living with myself in an alternate universe. She is not only passionate in her field but also encourages me within my
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