S/O. C. Mason Case Study

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At approximately 11:36 hours, the writer and S/O C.Mason responded to a call from POC to attend MHSU for an eviction. The officers attended and met with the clinical staff (Tav Randhawa), who informed the officers that the discharge patient in consult room #9, need to be escorted off property. The officers were also told that the patient is really agitated and might put into a fight. The writer requested for two additional officers to attend and assist them with the call. S/O C.Mason broke up from the call and returned to the main booth to relieve SSS J.McCuaig, so he can attend. At approximately 11:40 hours, SSS J.McCuaig and S/O G.Sond attended and joined the writer for the eviction. The patient came out of the room and was asking the clinical
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