S-Town : A Contemporary Piece Of Southern Gothic Literature

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Have you ever realized that something has changed over time from its original definition? Well southern gothic literature is no exception, this type of literature is now known as contemporary southern gothic literature. You should listen to the paper because it talks about the gradual development of classic southern gothic literature to a more contemporary piece. Even Though many of the characteristics of classic southern gothic literature still mean the same thing, the audience catches the a few slight differences. S-town is a contemporary piece of southern gothic literature, because it contains a lot of irony, violence, and outsiders.
First, S-Town is a more contemporary piece of Southern Gothic Lit, because violence used to be more about slavery issues, but thankfully we do not have any examples of violence including slavery in the podcast. The violence that takes place is a more modern form of term, the new meaning is how you violence can happen at any given time and for any given reason. Throughout S-Town, there have been several different examples of violence. This supported by when Brian summarizes Kabrahm’s story: “Kabrahm says all he remembers is they were in the middle of the woods, chilling around a fire. A fight broke out, and then suddenly, this dude Dylan—not Dylan Nichols, as John had told me—he was not involved—but another Dylan with a different last name, came up from behind with a knife and cut Kabrahm's buddy, Tim, in the neck. So Kabrahm went after him,
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