S6 Standard operating procedure

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AOPG-CEN 16 September 2009

MEMORANDUM FOR All Personnel, 8th POB (A)

SUBJECT: 8th POB (A) Information Management and Automated Data Processing SOP



References 1
Purpose 1
Scope of Information Management (IM) 1
Responsibilities 2
Procurement of IM Equipment 4
Monthly ADP Architecture Update 5
ADPE System Accreditation 5
Software Use and Accountability 6
Maintenance 7
ADPE Software and Hardware Standards 7
Life Cycle Replacement 9
Computer Viruses 10
ASOCNET Administration Information 11
Summary 12

ANNEX A - Procedures for Requesting and Purchasing A-1 ADP and
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This information should be validated off the most current battalion property book printout, and should be verified by conducting periodic physical inventories of all ADP equipment on hand.

(6) Assists the 8th POB (A) IMO in managing and executing the battalion ADP Life Cycle Replacement Plan and Budget.

(7) Submits a statement of mission requirements to the 8th POB (A) IMO for all ADP equipment which is required but not on the approved USASOC ADP architecture. The USASOC DCSIM will only consider expansions to the current ADP architecture if a statement of requirements is submitted to justify the equipment.

(8) Assists the Battalion Information Assurance Security Officer (IASO) in implementation of all security procedures outlined in the 8th POB (A) Information Assurance Security SOP and the Battalion Commander's policy letters.

5. Procurement of Information Management (IM) Equipment.

a. All nonexpendable Class VII ADP and audio visual equipment listed in Paragraph 2.c. of Annex-A (Procedures for Requesting and Purchasing ADP and Audio Visual Equipment) requires an approved CAPR
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