SAP Crystal Solutions: An Assessment

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SAP Crystal Solutions Assessment Introduction SAP Crystal Solutions is a Business Intelligence (BI) and Knowledge Management (KM) series of software applications created, marketed and supported by SAP AG, a leading provider of enterprise software for companies of all sizes. These specific applications are more attuned to the leads of larger enterprises who have terabytes of data that need to be analyzed. The focus on this analysis is on an assessment of their website, tools, applicability to business needs, implications on careers, and an overall evaluation of the applications. What do you think of the site and tools presented? SAP AG has a legacy of being very analytically strong in their ability to translate diverse databases and applications across an enterprise and unify them into a single system of record. The series of these applications illustrate how effectively the company is integrating analytics, BI and KM data and processes into a cohesive series of workflows that can better support organizations in their efforts to attain strategic plans and objectives. Crystal Reports would be very valuable for companies attempting to gain greater insight into the significant risks they face, given turbulent market conditions and rapidly changing customer bases. The ability of SAP legacy analytics and BI applications to ascertain patterns in complex data has long been a core strength of these technologies within the company (Curry, 1999). Today the need has never been

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