SAT Proposal Essay

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In the event the proposal, ACT and SAT standardized tests are essential to receive admission to major colleges and universities as well as finical aid. With these tests affecting many high school students’ future, test taking strategies and procedures should be taken into consideration. The factors involved with such preparations are already seen to be done by students outside of class, either by themselves or hiring a tutor. However, there are multiple problems for specific students to achieve a high score on these exams. The aim of the proposal is that high schools should offer an ACT and SAT preparation course for students. Conflicts and considerations of the aim will be needed in order to develop a persuading argument. The aim is included to persuade the reader to consider courses offered at a high school level involving ACT and SAT preparations. The solution can impact…show more content…
The facts of the SAT or ACT tests could be very general and with little detail. Finding sources that support the aim with detailed information that can be used will be difficult to discover. The aim could also be a challenge to discover. Opposing viewpoints and supporters of the aim must be found to help support or disprove the aim. These sources can create new ideas and contradicting viewpoints. Thus the type of sources will be a challenge to obtain. However, the sources should be used as up to date as possible, reliable and detailed. With accurate and recent information, the aim can be supported effectively. ACT and SAT tests are very essential to a high school teen’s future. Due to this importance, courses at a high school level should be provided for test preparations. Sources that are reliable, detailed and updated will be used in order to persuade the reader of the aim. Through these goals, the aim can be achieved. This solution can be a helpful act for high school students for them to attend their dream
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