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Atha Corporation: Planning
Mary Atha, CEO
One role of corporate leadership is to articulate a vision, define the mission, and establish goals for the organization. This is accomplished through effective communication, among other things. At some point, management must convert these goals into getting things done.
Management encompasses four principle elements; to plan, organize, lead, and control the limited resources of an organization, to achieve the stated goals.
The first of those elements is to plan. That is the focus of this week’s lecture.
Think of the management cycle of plan, organize,
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Currently, you have a serious employee problem. Turnover was very high under the previous department manager. The employees are skeptical, having seen any number of “strategies-of-the-month” rolled out, only to see them quickly abandoned, and replaced by still other meaningless initiatives.
You have to make something positive happen, quickly, in order to gain their trust.
Begin to analyze what activities must be accomplished, in order for the department to reach its assigned goals.
You will also need to determine how you will achieve the initiatives, and in what time frame.
Title: Atha Corporation: Planning
Subject Matter Expert: Sam Palmeri
Instructional Designer: Mo Yang
Interactive Design: Patrick Lapinski, Joe Birr
Project Management: Sue Ann Adams Bottolfson, Julie Greunke, MAEdOn-Camera Talent: Patty Matthews
Strategic Alignment Worksheet: Operations and Production
Use this Strategic Alignment Worksheet (SAW) to help you complete the sections listed below. As you progress through the course, you will be instructed to complete and submit section(s) of the SAW. Once you have all of the sections completed, you are to incorporate the sections into the larger Atha Execution Plan, which is your final project deliverable (to be submitted in Unit 5).
Sections of the SAW
Goals and Activities (Unit 2)
Interview Questions (Unit
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