SB5 Full Kit: A Case Study

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The cost of the SB5 full kit is $1,147.00. The SB5 full kit includes an interpreters manual, examiners manual, technical manual, item 1 (routing subtests), item 2 (nonverbal subtests), item 3 (verbal subtests), 25 record forms, and a few manipulatives (Roid, G.H., Barram, R.A., 2004). The SB5 focuses on five main factors of cognitive ability, which are: fluid reasoning, knowledge, quantitative reasoning, visual-spatial processing, and working memory. SB5 users should also be familiar with the technical aspects of APA guidelines. Interpreters should have a greater level of training and supervised experience. People that administer the SB5 fit into one of two categories: they are individuals with training to administer and score psychological
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