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This summer, to celebrate Carolina Herrera’s 35th anniversary in the fashion industry, SCAD FASH Museum has put on an exhibition of her work. Titled, “Refined Irreverence,” the exhibition is composed of both new and vintage pieces encompassing everything from her 1981 inaugural runway collection, day wear, bridal wear, and red-carpet gowns. Some of her new pieces on display were worn by celebrities such as Michelle Obama, Tina Fey, Lady Gaga, Lucy Liu, and Taylor Swift, Renee Zellweger. Herrera’s collections were inspirational and beautiful beyond belief.
Herrera’s designs embody the true meaning of a classically feminine design. Her collections on display give you great insight into the many different fashion trends over the years which can
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These blouses are showcased in frames on one of the walls in the exhibition, seamlessly placed by beautiful vintage looks beginning in the early stages of the House of Herrera in the 1980’s. Worn by many celebrities, the exhibition featured dresses such as a gray strapless tulle gown with bright embroidered features worn by Renee Zellweger in 2011 at the Golden Camera Awards. One of my favorite gowns that caught my eye was this remarkable black gown with a huge bow that was custom designed for Lady Gaga. Another celebrity worn gown was a remarkable raspberry and black color strapless gown that was worn by Taylor Swift in 2014 at the Golden Globe Awards. I feel fortunate enough to attend such a prestigious school that gives it’s students the ability to experience things, like Carolina Herrera’s exhibit, that they would probably never have gotten the opportunity to witness otherwise. I especially appreciated it as a fashion marketing student in that it was inspiring and timeless. I think that Carolina Herrera is a perfect designer for SCAD to honor in acknowledgement of her exceptional influence on the fashion industry. She embodies timeless and feminine elegance that should be used as motivation for all of SCAD’s fashion
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