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Psychological behaviors occur in so many people. A lot of them don’t realize that they have a disorder, or a particular behavior, until someone points it out. Many people have disorders. In humans there are two types of main disorders and just to do a brief analysis on them. They are biological and psychological for the biological it is a disease of the body that can be cured by altering the body. The biological involves the use of the medical model that works with genes, hormones, neurons and the chemistry of the brain. Psychopathology can be caused by a human’s disordered mental life, and mental illness can be cured by helping to change behavior, emotion and thought. The three causes of abnormalities that I am going to talk about are…show more content…
I have known Dave for a very long time now and he is a very abnormal person. Dave would seem very normal to you the first time you meet him but after the first encounter the second one would be totally different you would start to think that he is a very abnormal person that he is. So let talk about some of his major abnormalities to Dave none of these are going to be abnormal for him because he has been use to him all his life. Dave has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia in his early childhood. His parents weren’t aware of what was going on with him because the beginning stages were very hard to tell what was going on. Dave started with have acute schizophrenia this was when his symptoms only occurred very little. He was started on treatment medical and also mental treatment since it was just a acute form of the disorder he was able to go out in public and drive and do every thing else that a normal human being would do. After many years’ passes his symptoms were getting worse and after a point the doctors diagnosed him with having a chronic from of schizophrenia. This disorder can start in a chronic stage meaning that his symptoms where a every day coming thing and then they slowly become acute meaning that they are very little symptoms and the person is

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