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Week 5 – Final Lab Report Paper SCI207 Dependence of Man on the Environment, Marc Hnytka July 8, 2013 Week 5 Final Paper Abstract My report was based on the how ground water may be affected by myriad containments present in our experiment and in our everyday . Surprisingly when vinegar was filtered through dirt it came out fairly clean. This surprised me because I would never believed that vinegar had such a profound effect on water considering its oily nature. I was convinced that vinegar more than the other contaminates would have produced a wider, more polluted field. I believed that all the water would have been contaminated with the dirt had been mixed in. This exercise may…show more content…
For the second part of the experiment I cut the cheesecloth into four pieces and folded them so that it was four layers thick. I placed one piece of cheesecloth into the funnel and measured 60mL of soil using the 100mL to help measure the soil and poured that into the funnel. Taking beaker number one I poured the contents into the funnel and let that filter into beaker number five. I used the same technique as above and I repeated the same thing to beakers number two through four and poured them into beakers number six through eight. Once this was done I observed beakers five through eight and wrote down my observations in Table 1. Results Table 1: Water Observations (Smell, Color, Etc.) Beaker Observations 1 Just water. No smell 2 When oil was added in the water the oil started to bubble at top. When stirring the oil smaller bubbles appeared. There seems to be a thick film in the water 3 After pouring the vinegar in the water the change was that the water seemed to be a shade darker when added it. The water appears to have clouded. Other than the smell a person would not be able to tell there has been something added to the water. 4 With detergent the water began to cloud with a thin layer of bubbles. 5 The water turned a shade brown and it has small flakes of soil that has circled around the top of the water. Smells a little dirty. 6 The water and oil mixture seemed to have a “cleaner” look to the water; it had a light

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